When administering a math admission exam online, maintaining a cheating-free testing environment becomes even more challenging.

In this digital setting, it's essential to authenticate student identities, prevent fraud, and protect exam content. 

These measures ensure fairness, maintain the educational institution's credibility, and uphold the exam's academic integrity. OMPT exams are safely proctored to guarantee that nobody has an unfair advantage. 

Although proctoring can feel scary for some students, this solution assures all applicants have the same opportunities and can be used ethically and securely.

How can we guarantee academic integrity while adopting a privacy-first approach?

How does OMPT use proctoring

We combine state-of-the-art online proctoring and human involvement. 

OMPT partners with Examity to proctor our admission exams. Examity uses a multi-layered approach to online proctoring. Live proctors are augmented by AI that helps flag suspicious activity. The whole process is overseen by interventionists who routinely audit live sessions and are specifically trained to deal with potential integrity breaches.

Test takers will be asked to show their ID and room before the test starts and are monitored by their webcam and microphone during the entire exam. Screen activities are also recorded. These recordings are automatically checked for fraud through an algorithm and manually within 24 hours. Examity will run an applet, or temporary program, on the test taker's computer that will allow them to view the test taker's screen and what programs are running during their exam session.

This program will expire once the test taker closes it.

Good-to-know about our proctoring

For students' and institutions' peace of mind, we want to clarify these points about proctoring during our math admission tests:

More information

You can also read Examity's Privacy Policy and OMPT's Privacy Policy if you need more information. 

Transparency is fundamental for us. If you have further doubts, we will be pleased to help you at info@omptest.org.