OMPT is not just an admission test. Students can purchase access to personalized learning modules to help refresh key concepts and a fitting mock exam before taking this math admission test. These materials are designed by SOWISO and enable applicants to practice at any time, anywhere, and at their own pace.

On average, students who spend time with the learning materials receive a 76% score on their first attempt, instead of the 40% score of students who don’t practice.

Helping students master their math courses

OMPT is offered by SOWISO, an online learning and testing environment for mathematics that increases student engagement. With a particular focus on math learning for students of other disciplines, SOWISO combines creative, interactive content with an online learning platform to make mathematics simple and enjoyable.

Our mathematician's design OMPT online math admission tests and have also created OMPT practice materials in our innovative and interactive platform, so students can ace their admission test and get into their dream program.

Practice makes perfect

Our OMPT practice materials and our state-of-art platform provide students with:

Learning resources
Theory pages complement our practice materials. These pages consist of definitions, examples, worked out solutions and interactive elements. They can be accessed while you practice the exercises.

Automated personalized feedback
Students can receive hints when they feel stuck. When an answer is incorrect, the platform will helpfully identify what’s wrong and give students additional attempts. Every exercise comes with clear instructions on how to calculate the correct answer. These features simulate private tutoring while adding much-needed flexibility to the learning process.

Our platform generates a random set of values each time an exercise is loaded so that students can practice limitlessly.

Mastery-based learning
Mastery learning consists of the ability to practice endlessly and retake exercises multiple times. These are proven ways that improve mathematical learning. Our features help students prepare for their final exam at their own pace while receiving expert guidance.

Learning analytics
You will be able to track your progress and get a clear overview of your performance. This feature is key to identifying and fixing knowledge gaps before taking your math admission exam.


of the test-takers affirm they are likely or very likely to recommend the practice material to future test-takers.


of the test-takers affirm they are likely or very likely to recommend the mock exams to future test-takers.

Mock Exams

OMPT also offers students a mock exam, including a per-topic breakdown and detailed answer sheets.  This option enables students to get more familiar with the exam format and structure while building their confidence. Having experienced the OMPT format without the pressure of being in the real exam helps applicants focus all their attention on the exercises during the OMPT real test instead of getting used to a new testing scenario.  Mock exams help applicants have a deeper insight into their math proficiency, estimate better the time they need, and be ready to thrive at their admissions test.

Any doubts?

Here you can see the pricing for our practice material and mock exams. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.