When admissions offices do not recognize foreign diplomas, students often face the daunting prospect of rejection or the need to undertake additional measures such as foundation years, overseas courses, and inflexible tests. Besides being costly and time-consuming, these traditional options can be a source of stress for both institutions and students. This challenge inspired the creation of OMPT.

In 2018, SOWISO began collaborating with some of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands to develop alternative acceptable qualifications in place of a high school mathematics course. We have co-created tests with institutions like the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, and the Erasmus School of Economics.

OMPT offers math online admission exams that are securely proctored and available anytime and anywhere. Over the past years, OMPT has helped universities move their mathematics admissions exams online. This secure, privacy-driven, and flexible math exam has proven to be invaluable for both universities and applicants.

Since its implementation, OMPT has contributed to reducing the enrollment opportunity gap between students. OMPT lowers first-year dropout rates among international students with a math 'deficiency.' We currently offer seven math exams co-developed with university admission teams, perfectly suited for admissions into various programs, including economics and business, econometrics, humanities, STEM, and social sciences.

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OMPT uses the technology of SOWISO, an online learning and testing environment for STEM that enhances student engagement and saves teachers time. SOWISO combines interactive content with an online platform to make STEM subjects more accessible and enjoyable.

Mathematicians and education scientists develop OMPT online math admission tests and practice materials on SOWISO's innovative platform. Meet our team!

OMPT and SOWISO are part of Paragin Group, a collection of brands specializing in edtech (educational technology). We collaborate to improve our products and services, providing a comprehensive lifelong learning experience.

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