In 2018, SOWISO and several universities in the Netherlands co-designed alternative qualifications universities can accept in lieu of a high school mathematics course.

This became OMPT, a math online admission exam students can take safely proctored, anywhere and anytime. Over the past years, OMPT has been able to help multiple universities bring their mathematics admissions exams online. This secure, privacy-driven, and flexible math exam has proven to be of great value to universities and applicants.

Not only does OMPT gives every student the same opportunity to enroll, but our partner universities have reported lower first-year dropout rates among those international students with a math 'deficiency' since implementing OMPT.

Currently, we offer six math exams that have been co-developed with leading university admission teams. These exams are perfectly suited for admissions into bachelor's in economics and business, econometrics, humanities, STEM, and social science programs.

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OMPT is offered by SOWISO, an online learning and testing environment for STEM that increases student engagement and saves teachers time. With a particular focus on math learning for students of other disciplines, SOWISO combines creative, interactive content with an online learning platform to make STEM subjects easier and enjoyable.

Our in-house mathematicians develop OMPT online math admission tests and its practice materials in our innovative platform. Meet our team

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