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Save time

Every step is automated. Focus on what is important.

Lower dropout rate

Identify which students have the required mathematical level.

Secure and privacy-driven

Safely proctored and privacy compliant.

Simplify the admissions process

Run your admissions process smoothly and timely with OMPT. We provide admission offices and applicants with a sustainable, efficient, and effective solution. 

We will review applications and handle all student queries relating to the test. Reduce your workload while you stay in control of the whole process.

Ensure you make the right admissions decisions

OMPT offers custom evaluation criteria to select the students who will thrive in your programs. Our math education experts design our test content, and its quality has been proven in leading educational institutions worldwide.

We help admissions offices compare their applicants and draw a clear baseline for their incoming students. Our partner universities have reported lower first-year dropout rates among those international students with a math 'deficiency' since implementing OMPT.

A solution that puts security and privacy first

OMPT authenticates student identities, prevents cheating, and protects exam content. Our exams are safely proctored. We maintain the credibility of the educational institution and uphold the academic integrity of the exam.

Privacy is at the heart of all our operations. We adhere to the EU personal data protection regulation (GDPR). 

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Provide applicants with equal chances of enrolment

Our tests bridge the gap between international curriculum differences, helping an increasingly diverse and international influx of students get into their chosen institutions. 

Since these tests can be taken from anywhere, at any time, OMPT provides students with a more flexible, faster and cheaper solution. Additionally, our proctoring system ensures no applicant has an unfair advantage.

“We started using the OMPT math exams for the first time during the 2019-2020 admissions season. Our impression so far has been very good. The response time of the customer service team has been impressive. Any issues we have had were resolved quickly and professionally, and the feedback given by our applicants has been mostly positive as well.

We definitely plan to continue using their services in the future.”

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Process for test organizers

Accept OMPT

Determine entry rules

Validate certificate

Pricing for applicants

OMPT offers various pricing options for applicants. Only applicants will be charged, not the institution accepting OMPT*.

Test attempt

Single attempt or resit.

Practice materials

Materials to help you prepare for your exam. Learn more

Mock exam

Test your mathematical knowledge with a mock exam.


Includes all (1 test attempt, practice materials & mock exam).

*OMPT strives to help students worldwide access their chosen study programs, regardless of their background. We know that some students need extra help to cover the costs of the admissions process and that every institution is different. That’s why we are open to alternative pricing options that work better for institutions and students.

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