Are online math admission tests safe? Security and safety at OMPT

Admission tests have traditionally been administered in person, allowing for close monitoring of applicants to prevent cheating. However, with the rise of digitalization and international applicants playing a critical role in admissions, admission offices are embracing online testing.

Online admission tests have several advantages, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a reduction in environmental impact. They provide access to a broader pool of applicants, regardless of their geographical location, and allow applicants to prove their math level comfortably.

Undoubtedly, these digital tests can be highly convenient for both institutions and applicants. But you might wonder, what about security and safety? This online format opens the door to multiple ways of academic dishonesty, which can compromise the integrity of the evaluation process and the institution’s credibility. Trustworthiness, verification, and fraud prevention are must-haves for admission officers when they are looking into online admission tooling.

In this blog post, we will explore the challenges presented by digital admission exams and the measures taken by OMPT to offer secure and safe math admission tests.

How can the safety and security of digital admission tests be compromised?

Some test-takers may try to cheat during an exam. Attempting to use unauthorized assistance is a common way to break the rules, such as sharing their screen with others, utilizing unpermitted materials like advanced calculators, or asking another person to take the test on their behalf. Protecting the exam content is essential to ensure it is not shared among potential test-takers or other parties.

Various methods are available to guarantee fairness and honesty in the exam process. Some examples are using secure browser environments that restrict access to external sources, live proctoring, identity verification, and randomized question banks to reduce the risk of question sharing.

Moreover, it is critical to safeguard the privacy of the applicants’ information and confirm that their data is treated with the utmost care, adhering to regulations that protect them. Providing test-takers with a comfortable and safe experience should be a top priority.

We will now explain the specific practices that OMPT employs to guarantee fraud prevention, trustworthiness, verification, and data privacy while facilitating applicants to have a smooth and comfortable journey when proving their math proficiency.

How OMPT ensures security and safety


To keep the integrity of the test, OMPT includes randomized questions and variables that are generated from a large pool. Therefore, every student will get a different yet similar test.

Live proctoring

OMPT is a combination of cutting-edge online proctoring technology and human expertise. We have partnered with Examity to proctor our online math admission exams.

Examity employs a multi-layered approach to online proctoring. Live proctors are assisted by AI that helps detect suspicious activity. Interventionists supervise the entire process. These specialists regularly review live sessions and are specifically trained to handle potential integrity breaches. Examity runs an applet, or temporary program, on test-takers’ computers, allowing these specialists to view their screens and monitor the programs running during their exam session.

Before the OMPT exam starts, all test-takers must show their ID and the room they are in. Their webcam and microphone are monitored throughout the full test, and their screen activities are recorded. These recordings are automatically checked for fraud using an algorithm and manually within 24 hours. It is important to note that this program will expire as soon as the test-taker closes it.

We can’t access the test-taker’s computer files or obtain personal information without their knowledge. When the session ends, we save the complete log, and there is a permanent record of all actions the proctor took while accessing the test-taker’s computer.

We follow the GDPR

OMPT and Examity adhere to the EU Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that the data of applicants is only processed with their consent when it is necessary for a specific purpose and is handled appropriately. Besides, test-takers have the right to know what happens with their data.

ISO 27001:2023 certification

We place a great emphasis on information security and are committed to safeguarding the data of all our partners and students. To guarantee that our security measures meet the highest standards, we have obtained the latest ISO 27001:2023 certification. We constantly enhance our practices and features to stay up-to-date with security standards.

How do applicants experience proctoring?

Proctoring may initially feel intimidating for some students, but it is a solution that facilitates all applicants to have equal opportunities and can be ethically and securely used.

Throughout the whole exam process, an interface log or chatbox runs on the test taker’s computer, allowing them to see the proctor’s current permissions at any time. It is worth mentioning that this program expires once the test taker closes it and doesn’t have access to any personal information without the test taker’s knowledge. We strive to maintain utmost transparency across every step of the way.

Clear communication of the OMPT process, expectations, and guidelines helps reassure applicants and support them in performing at their best during the exam. Furthermore, our Customer Success team and chatbot are available to answer their queries.

According to our 2023-2024 satisfaction survey, 73% of the participants said they would definitely or very likely recommend the OMPT exam to other university applicants.

Moreover, OMPT offers many benefits to applicants, such as proving their math proficiency from anywhere at any time at an affordable cost and providing them with practice materials and mock exams to support their preparation for the final exam.

To sum up

Online math admission tests are a powerful tool to assess potential students efficiently. However, it is vital to balance the advantages of digital testing with a commitment to maintaining the security and safety of the assessment process. When thoughtfully designed and implemented, online testing can simplify the admissions process, improve the candidate experience, and assist higher education institutions in making the right admission decisions.

Exam integrity can be maximized by combining online proctoring, human intervention, and exam video auditing while adhering to the highest security standards and prioritizing a student-centered process.

OMPT strives to provide the safest and most secure solutions, even as technology and cheating methods evolve. In doing so, we protect the future of education and uphold the values of academic excellence.

Do you have any questions?

You can check out Examity’s Privacy Policy and OMPT’s Privacy Policy if you need more information. If you have any additional concerns, please get in touch with us at Transparency is one of our core values, and we’re always happy to assist you with any questions.

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