OMPT 2022: Our year in review

As the number of international applicants keeps growing and admission offices' workload increases, the need to implement a high-quality, flexible and safe solution rises.

In 2022, we have worked with top universities supporting their admission offices and facilitating thousands of students getting into their chosen programs. We want to thank our partners for their trust and celebrate these joint successes with you.

2022 highlights

This year, a whopping number of 2,970 tests were submitted, 30% more than in 2021. 2,365 applicants have taken our OMPT exams, and they came from 128 countries. In 2022, the number of test-takers increased by 33%.

Our tests can be taken at any moment, from anywhere. Therefore, we help reduce the environmental impact that traditional admissions exams or foundation courses cause by making students travel. In total, we have helped save 979 metric tons of carbon emissions by remote testing. That equals 600 homes’ electricity use in the Netherlands for one year. And it’s enough to provide electricity for the entire municipality of Domburg.

We have partnered with 18 institutions and extended our national and international presence with many current partners. In total, we have helped these universities save 1,272 hours by taking care of the exams, grading, and solving students' queries. That's more time available for admission offices to focus on the rest of the admission process and support prospective students through their application journey.

We also got great feedback from our 2021-2022 student satisfaction survey:

  • 75,7% of the applicants are likely or very likely to recommend the OMPT exam to future university applicants.
  • 81,5% of the test-takers affirm they are likely or very likely to recommend the practice material to future test-takers.

Product updates

Apart from obtaining the previous quantitative results, we have widened applicants' options, offering them more possibilities and improving their experience.


We have developed a new OMPT exam specially targeted at prospective STEM students. This test contains Functions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Apart from testing students' mathematical skills, this exam also evaluates their analytical skills. Explore the syllabus.


We offer a new fast grading service to keep providing students with the flexibility they need. This can be useful when, for example, applicants' deadline is closer than our regular grading time of 5 working days and guarantees they get their results within 2 working days. These services are entirely optional and sold separately.

In-person exams

Provide your applicants with more options tailored to their needs. Recently, we have made it possible to do this exam in in-person testing centers in the Netherlands. Not everybody can access a suitable place to focus. Therefore, our in-person testing locations will allow students to take their admission tests in proper conditions.

Accessibility improvements

Accessibility is an increasingly essential part of the admission process and is one of our priorities at OMPT. For example, recently, we implemented a text-to-speech feature in the practice materials, and now we are working on enhancing our functionalities for people who are color-blind. Here we share how we strive to make accessible online mathematics admission tests at OMPT.

We have partnered up with Examity

Examity is our new proctoring tool. This enables us to improve applicants' experience, offering them a quicker, easier, and smoother process to sign up for their exams and manage their test dates. Additionally, this tool allows students to have only one window open for their exam. It creates a more secure and dependable exam for admissions offices as well.

Thank you for helping us grow!

In 2023, we will keep striving to offer online math admission exams that provide the best digital experience for institutions and applicants. We will keep supporting admission offices and broadening students' opportunities. Please, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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