Acing your OMPT math admission test: Develop study habits

Are you preparing for your math admission test? Being constant in practicing pays off, but it’s hard to develop an effective study routine. If you’re struggling with this, we’ve got your back.

In this blog post, we share tips for developing effective study habits to help you improve your math skills to get into your dream study program.

Tips to improve your math study habits

Ensure you understand the exam requirements and process

Before starting to practice, you need to know the exam basics. What topics will be covered? What is the exam format?

Understanding the format will help you tailor your study plan and ensure you’re not missing any important steps. Please read your OMPT learning assessments and syllabus, learn more about the OMPT process, and don’t forget to comprehend your test rules!

Create a study plan

Now that you know what the exam will look like, let’s talk about time management. You can start by designing a schedule that fits into your daily routine. It’s useful to break down your study sessions into manageable chunks. Realistic expectations play a key role in accomplishing your goals.

You can pause for a moment and think about your previous experience with study plans. Have they worked previously? What are your strengths and weaknesses regarding study routines? What improvements could you make?

Learn to deal with math anxiety

There are a lot of misconceptions that lead us to think we are not able to get better at math and prevent us from even trying. That’s one of the reasons behind how common it is to struggle with math anxiety. In our blogpost, you can find suggestions for dealing with your math anxiety and building your confidence for your OMPT exam.

Practice, practice, practice (and start early)

Math is all about practice. The more you solve problems, the more you learn and become confident. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just get started.

As you begin practicing, your knowledge and skills will grow along with your self-trust. That’s how we progress in this subject. Besides, commencing early will give you more control over the situation, giving you room to improve steadily and flexibly.

OMPT practice materials enable you to practice at any time, anywhere, and at your own pace as much as you want. Besides, they include personalized automated feedback that will guide you toward the solutions.

Create a study loop

As Education Professor Deborah Reed explained in this article, habits are made up of a loop consisting of a cue, a routine, and a reward. You can form a study loop by following these steps:

  1. Allocate a fixed time for studying every day.
  2. Use a cue to initiate studying, such as a sticky note or a phone notification.
  3. Create a quiet environment to facilitate studying without distractions (if possible).
  4. Reward yourself after achieving a goal.

By repeatedly implementing these simple actions, you can form a habit that becomes easier to maintain over time. Why don’t you try out this study loop for a week and see how it works for you?

Seek company and help when needed

To help you stick to your routine, you can find a study buddy to build these habits together. You can connect with friends in similar situations and join study groups where you can discuss problems, share tips, and motivate each other.

Simulate the exam conditions

It’s helpful to simulate the exam conditions as accurately as possible. Try to solve the exam questions without help and to really understand the problems when you see the solutions. This will help you to have a more realistic insight into how ready you are for your test and facilitate your success when the OMPT day comes.

For a more realistic approach, OMPT also offers students mock exams, including a per-topic breakdown and detailed answer sheets.

Don’t forget to relax!

Please remember to take breaks and rest! Apart from helping you learn more efficiently, they are fundamental for your mental health.


Incorporating these study habits into your routine will help you improve your chances of passing your math admission test. Consistency is key to achieving this goal. Do you have any questions about the exam? Please visit our help center. We are here to help.

Good luck with your OMPT exam!

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